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"The Act 48 Credit Keeper has been just great! The program is much easier and time saving when submitting hours for our large staff. Thank you."

Audrey Merck
Virtual Classroom Administrative Assistant
The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

Act 48 Credit Keeper

Act 48 Credit Keeper enables a school district to record and submit all continuing education hours
to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In-service programs and workshops conducted by your
school can be credited to each employee in minutes! All information is entered and saved via a secure
and confidential web site that is designed specifically for your school.

Benefits to Personnel Departments

Eliminates all gaps in record keeping. Each school has an accurate
count of every hour for every employee in their school district.

Provides a seamless transfer of data directly to the
Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Allows personnel departments to maintain accurate records
of each Act 48 hour submitted to the PDE for each employee.

Designed by Pennsylvania Personnel Directors to meet
the specific needs of Pennsylvania schools.

Connects with Pre-Approval Request when appropriate.

Saves schools time and money. Endless hours of data entry
by personnel departments are now reduced to minutes!

Benefits to Employees

Employees can have their Act 48 hours submitted to the PDE in a timely manner.

Employees can track and manage their continuing education progress.

Employees may view their current credits/hours at any time, including the
number of hours that have been accumulated, the additional hours needed
to fulfill their Act 48 requirements and their deadline for completing all 180 hours.

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