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PA-ETEP is Pennsylvania’s electronic teacher evaluation portal for educators. PA - ETEP is designed to facilitate the PA Department of Education’s new teacher evaluation process.

PA-ETEP has been developed by EduLink in partnership with Midwestern Intermediate Unit. This web-based tool guides and supports all steps of the Pennsylvania Teacher Effectiveness model from Pre-observation to Final Walk-through. ETEP is fully aligned to the PDE adopted process and allows for real time access to evidence and feedback for both the teacher and supervisor. Each interaction is documented for record-keeping and authentication with a time and date stamp. Accessible using any internet capable device, this system has a user friendly interface that eliminates the need for the exchange of paper documentation and enhances efficiency and accuracy.

PA-ETEP guides and supports administrators and teachers through all the required steps in the state’s new evaluation process, including the following…

Step 1 Pre-Observation Questionnaire
Step 2 Evidence Collection and Observation
Step 3 Self-Assessment Rubric
Step 4 Post-Observation Questionnaire
Step 5 Post-Observation Conference
Step 6 Observation Summary
Step 7 Authentication
Step 8 Final Walk-Through Observation

 streamlines the required steps, making the new teacher evaluation process…

Efficient… manages all state requirements related to the new teacher evaluation process and creates a paperless process (no need to copy, shuffle, and file endless documents)

Secure… provides users with unique logins and password protected profiles, keeping secure all confidential evidence, documents, assessments and reports

Accurate… checks off the required steps in the process and stamps interactions with a date and time, providing accurate record keeping and essential authentication (no missing pieces)

walks teachers and administrators through each required step in the process, offering guidance and support

Accessible… offers 24/7 access to important and time sensitive information via user friendly interface

Effective… makes the new teacher evaluation process more manageable, focusing on the critical features of the process while saving time

saves districts money through annual licensing agreements and discounts through Intermediate Unit partnerships and PAIUnet affiliation

PA-ETEP Origins

Teacher effectiveness, continuous growth and professional dialogue are the hallmarks of ongoing educational improvement. PDE has adopted a comprehensive process of teacher evaluation that requires continuous and intentional communication and collaboration between the teacher and the supervisor. Through the implementation of the PDE framework, this process is outlined as a sequence of interactions and sharing. Although a number of products have been developed in response to this initiative, only PAETEP follows seamlessly through each stage of the teacher effectiveness model. PAETEP manages this exchange through a secure portal on which individual profiles, documents and assessments are housed. Accessed through unique logins, these password protected files are stored confidentially and allow for 24/7 communication. Designed with ongoing guidance and support this intuitive tool can be implemented as a companion to the PDE modules provided to users by Intermediate Unit trainers.

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To register your school, please contact Cathleen Cubelic at Midwestern Intermediate Unit at or Dr. Reed Hankinson at EduLink Inc. at

PA-ETEP is made possible by a partnership between EduLink Inc. and Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV.

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