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This course is no longer accepting registrations.
Course: Building Camaraderie: A Teacher's Guide
Target Audience: Educators

Camaraderie building activities serve to embrace diversity, differentiate instruction, address different learning styles, curb discipline issues, foster teamwork, increase productivity, and guide students in reaching common classroom goals. This course examines best practices that support classroom teachers in their quest to build and encourage the cooperative spirit of their students and a positive classroom community. Participants will examine ways to build a constructive learning environment where respect and positive citizenship can be demonstrated by all students. Having a sense of camaraderie builds self-worth, self-confidence, tolerance, and respect which in turn motivates students to thrive academically and personally. Participants will be provided with research, tools, and support to develop instructional models that promote respect and build camaraderie in the diverse 21st century classroom.

Credits/Hours: 1 Credit
Start Date: 11/8/2021
End Date: 12/10/2021
Session Times: Online Course
Registration Starts: 5/15/2021
Registration Deadline: 11/3/2021
Cost: $150
Number of Seats Available: 8 of 12
Facilitator: Kathleen Himes
Location: Online Course
Special Notes:

Attention On-line Course Participants

The instructor will send an introductory email to all course participants on the day the course begins with directions on how to access the course.

Late Enrollment- You will be charged a $20 late fee for registering for a course after the start date.


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