Questions and Answers From PA School Administrators

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Q: Is Act 48 Credit Keeper difficult to use?
A: Pointing and clicking the mouse are the most difficult tasks to perform. We have designed Act 48 Credit Keeper so that NO SPECIAL COMPUTER SKILLS ARE NEEDED to use the service.
Q: Is Act 48 Credit Keeper expensive?
A: Pennsylvania school administrators created Act 48 Credit Keeper specifically to save schools time and money. It is designed to offer the highest possible quality and accuracy with the lowest possible price. There is no expensive software to purchase and no stations to set up at your school.
Q: Will I have to make a spreadsheet or roster list of all my employees every time my school conducts an in-service program?
A: Not at all. With a few clicks of the mouse, a school indicates the employees that were in attendance and the data is seamlessly transferred to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 
Q: Is Act 48 Credit Keeper compatible with what is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education?
A: Yes! Act 48 Credit Keeper requires that employees enter the same information that is required by the state.
Q: Is my school responsible for hosting the service on its server, maintaining and/or upgrading the service, or backing up the data?
A: No, No, and No. We host the service for you on our secure server, we maintain all responsibility for upkeep of the service and we back up the data entered on a regular and continuous basis to avoid any possibility of lost information.
Q: If my school uses Act 48 Credit Keeper for a year and then decides that it wants to cancel or change, are we locked into any type of long-term agreement?
A: Agreements to use Act 48 Credit Keeper are made on a yearly basis. If, for any reason, your school does not wish to renew its agreement to use the service for the upcoming year, simply let us know.

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